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Wide application of tinplate cans
 2021/01/23 | View:1055

The application of tinplate is very wide. From the packaging materials for food and beverages to grease cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans, the advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide physical and chemical protection of the contents.

1. Canned food. The tinplate cans ensure food hygiene, minimize the possibility of corruption, effectively prevent health risks, and meet the needs of modern people in the diet, especially tea packaging, coffee packaging, Health food packaging, candy packaging, cigarette packaging, gift packaging and other food packaging containers preferred.


2. Beverage cans. Tinplate cans can be used to fill juice, coffee, tea and sports drinks, as well as cola, soda, beer and other beverages. The high workability of the tinplate cans makes the tank type change, whether high, short, large, small, or square, or round, to meet the diverse needs of today's beverage packaging and consumer preferences.

3. Grease cans. Light can trigger and accelerate the oxidation reaction of oils and fats, reduce the nutritional value, and may also produce harmful substances, and more seriously destroy oily vitamins, especially vitamins A and D. Oxygen in the air promotes the oxidation of foods and fats, reduces the biomass of proteins, destroys vitamins, and the opaque and sealed air of tinplate is the best choice for packaging fatty foods.

4. Chemical tanks. Tinplate is sturdy, protective, non-deformable, shock-resistant and fire-resistant. It is the best packaging material for chemicals.

5. Spray cans. It is a high-temperature and high-pressure tinplate easy-to-open can, especially suitable for high-pressure filling spray cans.

6. Dry cans. The tinplate shape and the beautifully printed biscuit bucket, pencil case and milk powder can are all products of tinplate.


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