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Tinplate is a high-tech product
 2021/01/23 | View:971

As a packaging material for canned foods and beverages, tinplate is scrapped as a result of one use, giving the illusion that it is not worthy of attention, in fact, because:


1. Steel used for the manufacture of tinplate. In smelting, the types, properties and contents of various residual metals and non-metallic impurities are required to be strictly controlled. The control methods, indicators and detection methods have not yet been fully completed in China. grasp.

2. In the subsequent operation and control of hot rolling, cold rolling, previous cleaning, quenching and tempering, leveling, etc., the quality of tinplate that may be caused (or affected) is numerous, and these problems are Most of them have not been thoroughly seen.

3. In the electroplating tin process of cleaning, tin plating, reflow, passivation, oiling, etc., dozens of related technical topics, in most tinplate factories in China, are only preliminary, far from being handy. A tinplate cold rolling production line with a length of more than 1000m, it is rolled with a strip of 1. 5~ 1. 7m wide, and the exit speed per second is 30m/s (this is only medium speed), and the thickness of its products is mostly 0. 25~ 0. 17mm range (In the 1990s, developed countries and Japanese developed countries can easily roll out thin plates with a thickness of 0.14~0. 075mm). This high speed and high precision (the average thickness error of each point should not exceed 4%). Strong power, extremely powerful equipment, the surface finish of its products, also need to reach the mirror, which is of course high technology.


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